Tail Lifts

History of ZEPRO

ZEPRO started as Bispgårdens Smidesverkstad and later came to be known asBispgårdens Svets & Smide under founder, John Westling. Before expanding into the development of tail lifts under the ZEPRO brand, the company was primarily focused on producing components to be used in the forestry industry. 

This change towards modern loading equipment was inspired by an increasing need for a hydraulic tail lift, designed to close the gap between the floor of a loading vehicle and the loading dock itself. Thus, the company quickly grew into one of the most renowned tail lift manufacturers in the world and has quickly established a line of reliable, and durable products.

Benefits of ZEPRO tail lifts​

Zepro specializes in cantilever lifts and is known to produce the best tail lift equipment in the world. ​

Tail lifts that can withstand any condition – anywhere in the world. Resistant to all environmental conditions, our tail lifts are also equipped to fulfill the toughest demand of today’s distribution and logistics.

These lifts are built to outlast the lifespan of your truck.

The tail lifts are made of premium Swedish steel, which is extremely lightweight compared to its counterparts. Despite being light in construction, this steel ensures higher tensile strength and maximum integrity of the part. That’s how you get optimized stability in your delivery and logistics department.

We understand everyone has different needs and that’s why we offer a good number of optimized models from Zepro so that everyone has an option to choose.

When you purchase a ZEPRO tail lift, you get access to the best services right away. With ZEPRO, you get support from certified experts throughout the entire buying and installation journey. Moreover, should anything go wrong with your tail lift, ZEPRO offers original parts on demand, and assistance as well. Finally, ZEPRO hosts a simple yearly maintenance program which helps ensure reliability and increases the time the tail lift spends productive time on the road.

ZEPRO started out by producing the perfect tail lifts capable of withstanding the harsh Scandinavian weather.

ZEPRO delivers quality in every aspect. We offer the largest, most complete range of lifts, based on market-leading technology, solid global know-how, and backed up by premium original parts.

Quality time is about helping you deliver on your promise. That you deliver with the lowest cost to yourselves and your customers. When you purchase a ZEPRO tail lift, you get durability, reliability, and a professional service network dedicated to providing you with the best support.

Every hour you transport goods without a break saves time – and money, driving down the cost of ownership and ultimately making your business more profitable.

If you are worried if the tail lift will be able to handle the heavy loads then be assured. The premium construction and superior stability ensure heavy load handling capabilities without compromising safety.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

Everything starts with customer needs. As the fundamental quality management standard, ISO 9001 requires us to have a thorough, systematic approach for listening to customers. This forms the basis for all of our strategy and planning work at Hiab.

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management

The global environmental standard defines how Hiab works with environmental performance. It requires us to consider the environment in everything we do. This means minimizing the impact of our internal processes as well as the impact of our products.

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