Norba Multi Fraction

The Multi Fraction series from Norba presents with opportunities for recycling and upcycling by collecting and managing the waste individually in different compartments.

We understand that waste management is not only about the disposal of waste. It’s about ensuring the efficiency of the whole process, innovation in the equipment, and productive use of waste.

We offer Norba product line and they offer smart, solidly built and light-weighted waste collection vehicles, which answer to and lead the demands of modern waste disposal.

We take pride in helping our clients to facilitate and stimulate their journey to revolutionize the world of waste management and for that, we have the amazing product line from Norba.


Body Dimension
Volume 11 – 24 m3

The Norba products are characterised by their efficiency and the smart waste vehicles. Smart means that these products are tough and withstand any challenge modern city life brings. On the other hand, these vehicles are easy to handle and navigate, manoeuvrable and light-weighted. In other words, the Norba products are ideal for collecting waste in domestic and congested urban areas.

Advantages of getting Norba Multi Fraction
  1. Collects & manages waste individually
  2. Robust, yet light & flexible
  3. 2 separate press mechanism & ejector plate for 2 separate compartments
  4. Reduced chances of leakage
  5. Smart Pack system for maximum fuel efficiency
  6. Reduced chances of cross-contamination
  7. Fast in operation
  8. L200 Manual lift has minimum rear overhang, improving weight distributing of the whole body
  9. L500 automatic or manual lifter with vertical lifting options
  10. Advanced connectivity system to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  11. Corrosion resistance
  12. Lightweight & compact lithium-ion battery for noiseless operation vehicles
  13. Advanced hydraulic controls
  14. Compaction mechanism needs fewer cycles & uses less energy
  15. Included weighing system
  16. Reduced chances of leakage
  17. State-of-the-art hybrid technology

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