Kiggen PTO Compactors

PTO Compactors from Kiggen are compactor on chassis, fitted with a crane. They are ideal for using in city centers and suburban areas.

Due to its modest rear overhang, collecting underground waste is easier with Kiggen PTO compactors. Also, their compact size & lightweight construction are perfect for driving in the narrow urban streets.

For us, waste management is not only about the disposal of waste. It’s about ensuring the efficiency of the whole process, innovation in the equipment, and productive use of waste. That’s why we offer Kiggen waste compactors and services which meets any waste management needs of our clients.

Kiggen’s waste compactors are very efficient in compressing waste in a manner that leads to three major assets: reduction of waste, cutback of maintenance costs and less impact on the environment.


Compacting force 340-360 kN
Compacting volume per cycle 1.3 – 1.7 m3
Nominal absorption capacity 121 – 126 m3/h
Cycle duration 38 50 seconds
Loading capacity 12.5 – 20 m3
Press penetration 475 – 486 mm
Width loading hopper 2050 mm
Length loading hopper 1685 – 2970 mm
Capacity loading hopper 4.6 – 6 m3

The Kiggen products are characterised by their high quality and low maintenance. With more than 90 years of experience in the waste management industry, Kiggen is accustomed to changing demands. The greatest asset is that the compactors compress waste which reduces refuse and maintenance costs and lessens the impact on the environment.

Kiggen produces portable and stationary compactors, transfer stations, and parts.

Advantages of getting Kiggen PTO Compactors
  1. Suitable for narrow urban streets
  2. Operators safety ensured
  3. Efficient in cost reduction
  4. Powered by PTO pump hydraulic system of the chassis to eliminate the need for electricity or power generator
  5. Greater loading capabilities
  6. Maneuverable rear overhang
  7. Prevents spillage
  8. Minimizes the risks of loose debris scattered everywhere
  9. Faster operating cycle
  10. Comes with a handy tool to discharge the compactor’s waste very effortlessly
  11. Remote control for easy operations
  12. No chances of odor or waste leak
  13. Even distribution of the compaction force

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