Kiggen Portable Compactors

Kiggen Portable Compactors are solid, safe and smart waste management products for factories and mass use in rural or urban areas.

For us, waste management is not only about the disposal of waste. It’s about ensuring the efficiency of the whole process, innovation in the equipment, and productive use of waste. That’s why we offer Kiggen waste compactors and services which meets any waste management needs of our clients.

Kiggen’s waste compactors are very efficient in compressing waste in a manner that leads to three major assets: reduction of waste, cutback of maintenance costs and less impact on the environment.


Model: PD 725

Volume 6, 8 &10 m3
Compaction power 230 kN
Hopper opening 1200 x 1600 mm
Suitable for hotels & restaurants


Model: PD 729

Volume 6-14 m3
Compaction power 230 kN
Hopper opening 1450 x 1600 mm
Suitable for hotels, restaurants, hospitals & camp sites


Model: PD 731

Volume 12.5 – 27.5 m3
Compaction power 340 kN
Hopper opening 1685-1700 x 2050 mm
Suitable for hospitals, production & transfer sites


Model: PD 745

Volume 12.5 – 27.5 m3
Compaction power 340 kN
Hopper opening 2105-2100 x 2050 mm
Suitable for printing offices, production sites & transfer stations


The Kiggen products are characterised by their high quality and low maintenance. With more than 90 years of experience in the waste management industry, Kiggen is accustomed to changing demands. The greatest asset is that the compactors compress waste which reduces refuse and maintenance costs and lessens the impact on the environment.

Kiggen produces portable and stationary compactors, transfer stations, and parts.

Advantages of getting Kiggen Portable Compactors


  1. Weather & vandalism resistant
  2. Availability of customization of parts
  3. Operator-friendly automatic tipping device
  4. Robust & solid construction
  5. Reduced chances of leakage or undesirable odor
  6. Produces a noise abatement of 67 dB
  7. Five times faster compressing of the contents
  8. Reduces transporting costs significantly
  9. SmartPack display showing the loaded weight & capacity
  10. Lift-tipping device with movable hooklift for effortless bin collecting
  11. Patented locking system
  12. Smart design to ensure even distribution of the compaction force

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