Geesink Mini

Geesink Mini vehicles are small in size but offers big advantages and qualities that define Geesink product lines.

Waste management is not only about the disposal of waste. It’s about ensuring the efficiency of the whole process, innovation in the equipment, and productive use of waste.

We understand the importance of having a powerful, efficient and environment-friendly waste management solution. That’s why we deliver and service waste management equipment from Geesink that enable our customers to make the world a better and a more sustainable planet to live and breathe. A world in which we take better care of our resources and save precious time and effort in doing so.

As we keep a close watch on the industry’s developments and our clients’ demands, we have always tried to be a technological trendsetter, providing high-tech solutions from Geesink and other industry-dominating brands and allow our customers to be in the lead in the waste management industry.


Compact body
Volume 5 – 7 m3
Width 2 m
Height 3 m

Strong, reliable, tough, smart, powerful: these qualities define the Geesink product line. Many of our customers face arduous waste management challenges. However, the Geesink vehicles are strong and meet any demanding requirements there can possibly be. Tough as the products are, they make no compromises and are unbreakable.

Advantages of getting Geesink Mini
  1. Increased efficiency
  2. Compact and flexible
  3. Advanced infra-red sensors maximum safety
  4. Lithium-ion battery to power the body and bin lift
  5. Comb lifts for domestic waste
  6. Modular construction
  7. User-friendly crane system
  8. Advanced connectivity system to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  9. Corrosion resistance
  10. Remote service support
  11. Advanced hydraulic controls
  12. Included weighing system

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