waste management equipment

Strong, reliable, tough, smart, powerful: these qualities define the Geesink product line. Many of our customers face arduous waste management challenges. However, the Geesink vehicles are strong and meet any demanding requirements there can possibly be. Tough as the products are, they make no compromises and are unbreakable.

The Norba products are characterised by their efficiency and the smart waste vehicles. Smart means that these products are tough and withstand any challenge modern city life brings. On the other hand, these vehicles are easy to handle and navigate, manoeuvrable and light-weighted. In other words, the Norba products are ideal for collecting waste in domestic and congested urban areas.
The Kiggen products are characterised by their high quality and low maintenance. With more than 90 years of experience in the waste management industry, Kiggen is accustomed to changing demands. The greatest asset is that the compactors compress waste which reduces refuse and maintenance costs and lessens the impact on the environment. Kiggen produces portable and stationary compactors, transfer stations, and parts.

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