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Waste Collection Truck

GEESINK GPMIV meets SOVIET LADA 2107 What happens when the worlds most powerfull Geesink RCV refuse truck meets LADA? ……

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Van Dijk Trucks

Van Dijk Trucks delivered this special Volvo FM500 with Erkin crane Van Dijk Trucks delivered……

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Renova AB

Efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly: the GPM IV rear loader with crane and chute offers the perfect solution to collect……

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Lorry Crane

The best part: No need to queue! 24/7 breakdown service available. VERY FAST REPAIR!…..

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Strata Lorry Crane

Welcoming Year 2020 with the latest addition of this Effer 2055H (XE8218B) to our lorry crane fleet……

Products Blog

Stability Control System (SCS)

Megafab has started providing our clients who utilise lorry cranes with Stability Control System……

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