This is the special tail lift for swap bodies with different heights and lengths of flatbed and cabinet. Available with 2 different arm lengths allowing lifting heights up to 1650 mm.

  • Steel or aluminium platforms in a variety of dimensions.
  • The hydraulic unit is mounted inside the frame, which simplifies installation and saves space.
  • Three-piece underrun bar mounted on the frame, adjustable in height.


Lifting capacity (kg) 1500, 2000
Platform material Aluminium/ Steel
Maximum width (mm) 2580
Voltage of lift (v)
Installed weight (kg)

ZEPRO tail lifts are the robust tuckaway lift for flexible distribution where there are easily accessible when needed for loading and unloading. ZEPRO are lightweight construction that offeres an increased payload while maximum stability, easy installation, and the fact it fits on most vehicle due to its compact design.

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