ZEPRO ZS 150/ 200/ 250

Our medium/ heavy duty slider lift, with single folding platform, specifically conceived for installation under a truck. Lifting capacity of 1500, 2000 and 2500 kg.

For the ZS 150/ 200 both parts of the folding platform are made of aluminium, which gives low weight and makes the manual, spring-assisted folding operation less demanding. The ZS 150/ 200 models are available with 3 different arm lengths allowing lifting heights up to 1720 mm.

For the heavy duty model ZS 250 the platform is made of steel only, and the folding part is of aluminium, due to the particularly high working loads required. The ZS 250 is available with 2 different arm lengths allowing lifting heights up to 1540 mm.

  • The sliding system has a hydraulic motor driving 2 sprockets which rotate and run under the slide profiles guided by simple, sturdy chains and enables a smooth in/ out movement.
  • The built-in hydraulic unit keeps the operation noise to a minimum and provides protection for the most sensitive of the components.


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