ZEPRO Z 1500/ 2000/ 2500

A lighter and stronger tail lift with unique features as standard and easier, faster installation. It offers market leading stability providing the user with a reliable working area for the most demanding of conditions. The unique ZEPRO fast opening solution, saving time for the operator, comes as standard.

  • Pre-installed and pre-mounted smart angle sensor module for both steel and aluminium platforms for easy installation.
  • The hydraulic hose plate ensures reliability by minimising the number of connection points.
  • The smooth axles offer increased life time and faster, easier installation.
  • The control card is placed in the frame for easy access and additional protection.

Z Family is now even smarter with the new angle sensor. The new electronic angle sensor, for lifts with auto-tilt, has a built-in memory function and is more exact than the previous angel sensor on Z-series and especially the hydraulic auto-tilt on ZHD-series (which is now discontinued on all markets).

Easier and Quicker Installation – The angle sensor is now placed outside the platform and drilling in the support profile is no longer needed for the installation.

Easier and Safer Operation – The new smarter angle sensor has a built-in memory function that remembers the work angle you chose for the platform. The work angle compensates for the downloading of the truck.


Lifting capacity (kg) 1500, 2000, 2500
Platform material Aluminium/ Steel
Maximum width (mm) 2580
Voltage of lift (v) 12/ 24
Installed weight (kg)

ZEPRO tail lifts are the robust tuckaway lift for flexible distribution where there are easily accessible when needed for loading and unloading. ZEPRO are lightweight construction that offeres an increased payload while maximum stability, easy installation, and the fact it fits on most vehicle due to its compact design.

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