ZEPRO SZD 75/ 100

The slimline profile and lightweight design fulfills modern needs for a robust tail lift without compromising the payload which the vehicle can carry.

The SZD 75 has a maximum lifting height of 1100 mm.
The SZD 100 is available with 3 different arm lengths allowing lifting heights up to 1520 mm.

  • Double folding platforms in various lengths and widths.
  • Both parts of the folding platform are made of aluminium, which gives low weight and makes the manual folding operation less demanding.
  • The sliding system has a hydraulic motor driving 2 sprockets which rotate and run under the slide profiles guided by simple, sturdy chains and enables a smooth in/ out movement.
  • The separate hydraulic unit allows the overhang required to be reduced to an absolute minimum.


Lifting capacity (kg) 750, 1000
Platform material Aluminium
Maximum width (mm) 2530
Voltage of lift (v)
Installed weight (kg)

ZEPRO tail lifts are the robust tuckaway lift for flexible distribution where there are easily accessible when needed for loading and unloading. ZEPRO are lightweight construction that offeres an increased payload while maximum stability, easy installation, and the fact it fits on most vehicle due to its compact design.

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