Sidewinder bin lift with 450 kg lifting capacity

Top lift for 7.5 to 26 tonne vehicles with closed bodies. Lifts 240-1100 litre bins from ground to tip height of 2.65 – 3.4 metres. Operated by a PTO system.

Low installed weight with a range of tip heights makes this an ideal choice for small and large collection vehicles especially for reduced access and missed bin collection applications. A PTO version is available for suitable vehicle applications to enable higher volume operation rate.


  • 450kg lifting capacity.
  • Fully automatic roof opening compartment included.
  • To operate with standard 120 – 1100 Litre wheeled containers (To BSEN 840).
  • Wear pads installed to maximise product life and minimise maintenance.
  • Lift to be oeprated via PTO system. Hydraulic valve box to include tipper diverter valve included.
  • Low maintenance pivot bushes.
  • Fully galvanised finish to prevent corrsion.
  • Push button control station supplied with emergency stop switch.


Lifting capacity (kg) 450
Platform material
Maximum width (mm)
Voltage of lift (v)
Installed weight (kg) 580

DEL tail lifts also known as tail gates in Singapore, are delivery vehicles have to withstand a lot of tough situations as they are exposed to extreme weather and terrain conditions the most. But you can’t say no to your clients and halt the delivery due to the rough terrain or environment.

For these situations, tail lifts offer both stability and reliability on tough and varied climates.

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