DEL S1500G

– Lighter: 60 kg. (specification dependent)
– Safer: Reduced risk of entrapment by removal of platform lock protrusion
– Reduced Maintenance: New Wear Pad material for Columns and Chain
– Connectivity: Concept only

A heavy-duty column lift for demanding working environments. The robust design provides an economic and durable solution combined with low maintenance requirements.

Available in a range of platform depths with front and side ramp options together with a choice of safety features including trolley stops and safety guards.


Lifting capacity (kg) 1500
Platform material Aluminium
Maximum width (mm) 2540
Voltage of lift (v) 24
Installed weight (kg) 395

DEL tail lifts also known as tail gates in Singapore, are delivery vehicles have to withstand a lot of tough situations as they are exposed to extreme weather and terrain conditions the most. But you can’t say no to your clients and halt the delivery due to the rough terrain or environment.

For these situations, tail lifts offer both stability and reliability on tough and varied climates.

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