Tail Lifts

ZEPRO tail lifts are the robust tuckaway lift for flexible distribution where there are easily accessible when needed for loading and unloading. ZERPO tail lifts have a lightweight construction that supports increased payload sizes and high stability. Moreover, they are compact and can be easily installed into almost any vehicle.

DEL tail lifts, also known as tail gates in Singapore, are for delivery vehicles that have to withstand a lot of tough situations as they are exposed to extreme weather and terrain conditions the most. But you can’t say no to your clients and halt the delivery due to the rough terrain or environment. For these situations, tail lifts offer both stability and reliability in tough and varied climates.

Why Megafab

When you get a tail lift from Megafab you get more than just a tail lift. With our tail lifts, you and workers can safely load items. In addition to the massive range of tail lifts in our catalog, we offer numerous customization options to help optimize the tail lift for your commercial or industrial needs. Finally, all tail lifts are created by the leading tail lift manufacturers of the world, therefore, you can rest assured about the quality of the tail lift. Get the best tail lift for the job from Megafab.

  • Our tail lifts are designed to perform in any condition or weather
  • Many customization and optimization options to get the best tail lift for your needs
  • Top-quality tail lifts, build with original parts and components
  • Our tail lifts have been manufactured by market leaders
  • We offer the best tail lift services
  • Safety is ensured when you use our tail lifts in your project

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