Stability Control System (SCS)

Megafab has started providing our clients who utilise lorry cranes with Stability Control System (SCS) installation services!

As mandated by the Ministry of Manpower all truck mounted cranes are now required to have an SCS or SCS equivalent installed should they wish to gain access to government worksites, this includes Worksites under the Housing Development Board, Land Transport Authority, Ministry of Education and the National Environment Agency.

We are happy to announce that our workshop is now open to clients looking to install a Stability Control System (SCS) onto their truck mounted cranes.

The SCS is meant to help ensure the safety of the operator and the crane while lifting is occurring. Using a set of sensors to determine the current pressure the crane is undergoing during lifting; the crane will be able to alert the operator that lifting is safe or dangerous.

You can take a look at Megafabs Brochure to find out more about the SCS

No matter the Crane or truck brand you currently use Megafab can definitely help you out!

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