Our Services

We cater our suite of services to the needs of all your commercial and industrial projects.​

Our Services

We cater our suite of services to the needs of all your commercial and industrial projects.

Sale of New & Used Equipment

Browse our collection of new and used equipment to find the best machine for your project

General Fabrication Service

We handle fabricated solutions for your projects and deliver on time 

After-Sales MRO

We carry the responsibility of after-sales maintenance, repair, and overhauling

Yearly Certification

Megafab is proud to be a SAC accredited company to certify hook lifts and open-top containers

Retrofitting for Cranes

We offer cost-effective retrofitting solutions for all your cranes, thereby adding value to your projects

Retail of Spare Parts

We provide the best OEM and non-OEM spare parts in Singapore


Sale of New & Used Equipment

When you need the right equipment for the job, we can offer you all the help you need


We are capable in providing all truck-mounted equipment you may need for your project. In addition to being a reliable source for help, you can depend on us to maintain and service equipment you purchase from us.

  • We help you choose the right equipment you need for your projects
  • Extended warranties and coverages on new equipment
  • Exclusive promotional deals and competitive price offerings
  • Continuous support throughout the lifetime of the equipment


When you do not need a brand-new machine for your project, we can help you get the best deals on used equipment perfect for the job at hand. Our selection of used equipment consists of high-resale value products such as:

  • Almost-new models and machinery
  • One-year-old models
  • Well-maintained and refurbished machines
  • Reconditioned and retrofitted machines


Retrofitting for Cranes

Retrofitting a crane is a cost-efficient alternative to purchasing a new units

Our retrofitting services covers a wide range of older cranes and modern cranes. Through all of our retrofitting projects, our primary concern is to improve your existing crane and provide mechanical, electrical, or structural enhancements wherever possible.

We can apply the following retrofits to your cranes:

  • Safer and more reliable cranes
  • Improved electronics for even older cranes
  • Brakes and hydraulics improvements
  • Modern radio controls
  • Addition of load limiting devices for improved safety
  • Installation of anti-collision devices
  • LED lighting upgrades for improved visibility in poor conditions
  • Remote control for easier access and control
  • Hoist breaking retrofits
  • Frame repairs

Therefore, we offer the best crane retrofitting services in Singapore to keep your cranes in the best shape possible to ensure longevity and performance.


After-Sales MRO

We don’t just sell the best truck-mounted equipment and industrial machinery, we back them up with excellent service. Our team of licensed professionals’ spans across a supportive service network to meet all your maintenance, repair, and overhaul needs throughout the year.

You never know when you may face a problem or have to deal with a breakdown. Therefore, to honor your deadlines we are committed to providing the best after-sales experience for truck-mounted equipment in Singapore. Rest easy when you purchase equipment from Megafab as we will always have your back.

In addition to world-class services and repair work, our experts provide insight and advice to avoid future problems and ensure better maintenance of the equipment.

We offer the following After-Sales MRO Services:

  • Board service and support network
  • Immediate response when in need of spare parts
  • Advice on project planning
  • Spare parts management and organization
  • Excellent customer service and workshop support
  • Guarantees are always honored
  • Mounting and installation services
  • Extensive documentation of maintenance runs for future reference
  • Crane, hoist, and boom inspections
  • Preventive maintenance

We strive to offer world-class services to our customers.


Yearly Maintenance & Certification

Empowered by our SAC accreditation, we proudly present certifications for hook lifts and open-top containers

We cover the following specifications under the certifications we provide:

  • Physical dimension inspection for hook lifts
  • Visual inspection for structural integrity for hook lifts
  • Functional tests on various hook lift valves
  • Physical dimension checks and visual inspections for open-top containers
  • Physical dimension checks and visual inspections for portable compactor containers

Our services also include Lifting Equipment or Lifting Machine training which falls under the guidelines Singapore Ministry of Manpower. With Megafab you can:

  • Undergo independent inspections
  • Meet all regulatory standards set by governing bodies
  • Maintain your equipment at the highest standards
  • Assure a safe working place for all personnel involved
  • Maximize uptime, and spend less time with your equipment in the workshop

At Megafab, we are proud to present these certifications with a team of technically competent experts, under a state-of-the-art management system to deliver technically valid inspection results. Therefore, with Megafab, you can meet all regulatory guidelines and standards while undertaking large or small projects.


General Fabrication Service

For the best general fabrication services in Singapore, look no further than Megafab’s.

When you need fabricated parts and equipment for your most demanding projects, our General Fabrication Services is just what you need to get the ball rolling. If your industrial or commercial projects require fabrication, we can add value to your projects and ensure on-time deliveries while keeping prices competitive. With years of expertise under our belt, our fabrications feature top-quality workmanship, comes with personalized touches, and are designed to get every bit of value for your money. We are equipped with all the tools needed, in addition to certified personnel, to help you with all your fabrication needs when it comes to general construction, loading equipment, landscaping, and contracting.

Benefits of Megafab’s General Fabrication Service:

  • On-time in-full deliveries of all fabrication order requests
  • Custom fabrication solutions are meant to be flexible and so we are well-equipped to meet your demands
  • High-quality fabrications

Our range of fabrication services include:

  • Laser Cutting
  • Metal Bending
  • Sheet Rolling
  • Aluminum Fabrication
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Metal Fabrication


Retail of Spare Parts

We offer a large selection of genuine parts and accessories well suited for the hooks, cranes, and loaders you use in your projects.

Ensuring easy access to spare parts for the equipment you use in your project is essential in keeping it running without any hitches. In addition to an impressive inventory, we have experts of the highest caliber to help you pick out the right parts you need to run your projects smoothly. Moreover, spare parts from Megafab are always available, thereby ensuring that your project does not experience downtime due to a lack of spare parts for your heavy machinery.

Benefits of relying on Megafab for spare parts:

  • Wide range of genuine parts and accessories for hook lifts, cranes and loaders
  • We source parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • Competitive prices across the board
  • Quick delivery and availability
  • Access to excellent support staff for advice and help
  • Extended warranties on spare parts from OEMs
  • Quality assured parts from OEMs
  • Reduction in servicing and maintenance costs thanks to genuine parts
  • Spare part support for all major brands
  • Non-OEM equivalent parts for functional replacements
  • High-performance parts
  • Made-to-order fabricated parts

By supporting all possible use-cases, we intend to offer the best selection of spare parts to our customers no matter what need may arise. Therefore, get your spare parts from Megafab for genuine products and excellent support.

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