MULTILIFT hooklift features advanced hydraulic and control systems that allow simple one person, in-cab operation. Due to the use of high tensile steel and tipping cylinders, heavier payloads are supported by the hooklift in addition to increased overall stability and durability. The first MULTILIFT was delivered in 1949.

Why Megafab

We pride ourselves in providing the best hooklifts for our customers, be it for construction, landscaping, or recycling applications. With our hooklifts, you can rely on a few trucks to handle all the work without needing to worry about hiring a fleet to meet the needs of each application. Moreover, our hooklifts come with the best hydraulic and control systems which only require a single person inside the cab to operate, thereby keeping things simple and safe.

Additionally, get access to heavier loads with Megafab hooklifts thanks to the use of high tensile steel and tipping cylinders. With the best industry experts and the most versatile and safe hooklifts in the world, we are ready to serve all your commercial and industrial needs.

  • Low center of gravity across all hooklifts to ensure safer work conditions
  • Our hooklifts allow you to use a single truck in multiple applications, thereby saving you costs from hiring a massive fleet of trucks.​
  • Features the best hydraulic and control systems for in-cab operation
  • Long lifetime guaranteed on all equipment
  • Advanced protection against potentially broken hoses thanks to load holding valves
  • Our advanced models have cameras to help guide and simplify the loading process

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