Loader Cranes

History of HIAB

HIAB is a popular brand when it comes to the best loader cranes. In 1994, Eric Sundin kickstarted Hydrauliska Industri AB, or HIAB for short, to help load trucks using the engine of the truck itself and through special hydraulics instead of raw-human muscle power. Since then, HIAB has continued to make multiple breakthroughs in the loader crane space, one of which includes the famous ‘Elefant’ loader crane, which paved way for the ‘knuckle boom’ crane to become a modern standard.

Over the 75+ HIAB has continued to deliver excellence in terms of on-road load handling equipment. Moreover, HIAB has continued to innovate and expand capabilities to handle all sorts of loading needs beyond loader cranes, thereby moving steadfastly into the next decade of their continued success.

Benefits of HIAB loader cranes​

HIAB loader cranes have set the standard since 1944. The reason is found in three words that are the essence of everything we do: BUILT TO PERFORM.​

From light tools to the heaviest lifters, there is a HIAB just right for you. Our experienced salespeople help you configure the crane that meets your needs, and installation is always easy for your body builder.

No matter where you work with your crane, you are never far from our skills and expertise. HIAB parts, service and support are available through the largest service network in the industry.

Safety – both for the operator and for those nearby – is the number-one priority with any HIAB product. HIAB cranes are packed with safety features that protect the operator and keep the crane and its load stable.

HIAB loader cranes are built for uninterrupted work, with high-tensile steel, high-quality parts, reliable seals and protective covers that resist weather and impact. Plus they undergo a punishing series of laboratory tests and field trials. All that means more time in operation – and less in the workshop.

HIAB loader cranes are durably built, but also easy to care for. That means they retain their worth and provide a consistently high resale value.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between different control systems and stations. HIAB remote control systems are the most advanced on the market, providing smart functionality and added capacity when you need it. With the right control system, an expert operator can save a great deal of time on complex tasks.

State-of-the-art HIAB control systems and finely tuned hydraulics ensure smooth operation with no surprises. From fragile goods to awkward bulk, your load remains steady and your job gets done faster.

HIAB cranes are designed for high returns. With an excellent capacity-to-weight ratio, they maximise your payload. Add the superior hydraulics, precise control and a range of features that get the job done quicker, and you have a true workhorse that brings in more by the hour.

With a HIAB, you get the lowest total cost of ownership on the market – the result of slimmer operating costs, high job efficiency and a high resale value.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

Everything starts with customer needs. As the fundamental quality management standard, ISO 9001 requires us to have a thorough, systematic approach for listening to customers. This forms the basis for all of our strategy and planning work at Hiab.

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management

The global environmental standard defines how HIAB works with environmental performance. It requires us to consider the environment in everything we do. This means minimizing the impact of our internal processes as well as the impact of our products.

OHSAS 18001:2015 Health & Safety Management

The OHSAS 18001 standard means that safety is always at the very top of our agenda. This standard is about making sure our employees have a healthy working environment, while producing equipment that guarantees the same for equipment operators.

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