Rear Loaders

History of Geesink

Geesink started as a family business back in 1875 and has continued to thrive as an expert manufacturer of waste management equipment. The majority of their lineup is aimed at handling large and bulky industrial waste products. Additionally, they are specially equipped to deal with dangerous industrial refuse as well. Therefore, their equipment is known to be virtually indestructible, and perfect for almost any use-case.

Geesink delivers the highest quality to its customers and helps them deal with all arduous waste management challenges. Their vehicles and machinery are built to last and come with the latest innovations to ensure they get their work done.

Benefits of Geesink rear loaders

Maintenance and support services provided by Geesink span across a huge network to ensure that all customers can rely on excellent and available service.

Technicians at Geesink are ready to provide them the best technical support. By scheduling appointments and arranging mobile service engineers, you can carry out services on your purchased equipment. In addition to technical services, you get exclusive access to on-site repair services.

  • Receive top technical support from Geesink engineers
  • Schedule maintenance appointments and receive timely support
  • Arrange fully equipped mobile service engineers to carry out on-site repairs

With over 20 years of experience, Geesink offers a fleet management program. Through this program, build long-term trust with Geesink and enjoy custom-tailored fleet management services wherein all safety and management standards will be maintained. The vehicles supported through this program include:

  • Refuse Collection Vehicles
  • Sweepers
  • Skip Lifters
  • Gulley Cleaners
  • Containers
  • Compactors

All equipment manufactured by Geesink adheres to the highest industry standards and are therefore well optimized to provide the best performance. Moreover, they meet all safety standards and offer the durability required by your commercial projects. Finally, rest assured as Geesink can provide all parts worldwide, within 24 hours.

It’s important to ensure that your equipment is used properly and to its full potential. Therefore Geesink provides training and advice services for your employees, to ensure proper use of machines and excellent results when working on big projects.

All refuse vehicles are equipped with advanced electronics that enable remote diagnostics over the internet via Geesink’s technicians or your own. With their experienced service and support engineers, you can ensure that your running costs are lowered, and your downtimes are kept short. Therefore, carry on with your projects without worrying far too much about the condition of your machines as they are being monitored constantly by a world-class team of engineers.

Geesink’s rear loaders come with a unique compaction mechanism that ensures that the machine is tough enough to handle large quantities of waste in a single run. With the addition of a fully welded body and curved floor, say goodbye to any leakages. Finally, rely on the single steel solid design of the body sides which provide even greater endurance and durability. All of this is done while keeping the vehicle itself as light as possible, thereby increasing the maximum size of the payload.

All Geesink units are capable of dealing with any kind of waste you can think of, ranging from large bulky solids down to liquid wastes. The robust construction of the inner body allows the waste management equipment to handle anything you throw at it. Therefore, process industrial or domestic refuse payloads with a handy Geesink rear loader.

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