Tail Lifts

History of DEL

DEL Equipment, a UK tail lift manufacturer, produces high-quality tail lifts. After its acquisition by HIAB in 2008, they have continued to produce the most comprehensive tail lift collection in the market and quickly reinforced its position as one of the global leaders in tail lifts.

The name originates from DEL, which was originally a part of the Ultron Group in North America, and had started life as Diesel Equipment Limited (DEL) in 1945 in Toronto. Later, the company expanded into the United States where it operated as the DEL America Corp Plant in Buffalo in 1978 and adopted the Ultron name in 2002.

Benefits of DEL tail lifts​

DEL is a leading tail lift manufacturer hailing from the UK. They offer highly durable tail lifts that continue to work for a lifetime.

DEL hosts a complete product line of tail lifts and bin lifters. Their capacities range from the standard 150 kilos to a massive 1500 kilos.

Built using the latest design software to reduce weight without sacrificing strength, they are tailored to work in any lifting application.

Your DEL tail lift is ready to take on the elements. Tough conditions are no match thanks to fully galvanized steel components that will keep going as long as you need them to.

DEL is a one-stop-shop offering user-friendliness that starts before you hit the road. Our designs make for fast and easy installation as well as quick service and repair stops. And the hard-wearing materials help to keep maintenance to a minimum.

When buying a tail lift from DEL, you can rely on DEL’s excellent after-sales services to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of your DEL tail lift. Moreover, all maintenance issues are handled seamlessly with quick deliveries.

DEL’s excellent support network thrives to keep customers happy by providing 24/7 advice and assistance to keep your business running unhampered all the time. Get access to original parts, accessories, and easy installation benefits with your DEL tail lift.

DEL uses the best materials to ensure their tail lifts are durable and will not collapse while on the job. Moreover, should anything go wrong, DEL will always have a local presence to ensure your problems are quickly solved no matter where you are headed or located.


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