Hiab X-CLX 248

When you choose the HIAB X-CLX 248, you are investing in a reliable workhorse built for lasting versatility. With a full outreach of 21.8 metres, it weighs just 2900 kg and can deliver unexpectedly heavy loads thanks to its high-tensile steel construction. HIAB CLX manual control makes steering simple and intuitive, and the high-tech nDurance finish protects steel parts from the elements for performance that stays with you over the long haul.


Max. hydraulic outreach (m) 7.9
Max. lifting moment (kNm) 214
Slewing arc (°) 410
Standard crane weight (kg) 2390

Many known it as HIAB, in long, it is known as Hydrauliska Industri AB. HIAB, a Swedish company, who is the world’s leading manufacturing of loader cranes, demountable container handlers, forestry cranes, truck-mounted forklifts and tail lifts. With its 75 years of pioneering experience, its commitment is to increase efficiency to their customers’ businesses and to shape the future of intelligent load handling. The company is owned by the Carogotec Corporation.

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