Effer 1855

The crane 1855 is the ultimate expression of the cranes that can be installed on 32-ton trucks, also available in the version with articulation joint and winch. The model is also equipped with PROGRESS, the most comprehensive electronic management system of the crane.


Max. hydraulic outreach (m) 15.4
Max. lifting moment (kNm) 1220
Slewing arc (°) Endless
Standard crane weight (kg) 13405

A company with 50 years of history to create high quality cranes to provide maximum value to customers’ businesses worldwide. EFFER is known for its medium and heavy loading needs with an excellent power-weight ratio, EFFER truck-mounted cranes are the absolute best option for any industrial and commercial use.

Depending on the need, there are more than 40 different models of EFFER truck-mounted cranes from 2 to 300 tons x metre, varying in size, power, loading capabilities, outreach, control, etc.

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