A company with 50 years of history of creating high-quality cranes, providing maximum value to customers’ businesses worldwide. EFFER truck-mounted cranes are known for their excellent power-weight ratio and are most popular for medium to heavy cranes. With more than 40 crane models ranging from 2 to 300 tons x meter, EFFER offers the best options for all industrial and commercial needs.


Many known it as HIAB, in long, it is known as Hydrauliska Industri AB. HIAB, a Swedish company, is the world’s leading manufacturers of loader cranes, demountable container handlers, forestry cranes, truck-mounted forklifts, and tail lifts. With its 75 years of pioneering experience, its commitment is to increase efficiency to their customers’ businesses and to shape the future of intelligent load handling. The company is owned by the Carogotec Corporation.

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World Power, is the world’s largest knuckle boom crane manufacturers, is one of few companies in the production of fully customisable machines. World Power prioritises durability and innovation with technology above all else in its 37 years of crane manufacturing. To maintain the most stringent quality control, the company works selectively with parts supplier sharing the same brand values.

Why Megafab

Here at Megafab, we host the best cranes in the world, ready to be installed and used in your commercial or industrial projects. Therefore, we host the most recognized crane brands, including Effer, Hiab, and World Power. All of these companies have been handpicked to ensure that our customers can rely on an excellent crane when they need it.

Additionally, our industry experts are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the heavy-duty loading and unloading industry, and they offer their insights into the type, make, and details of the crane you need to get your job done.

  • Our cranes are light, powerful and resilient
  • Extremely stable even under the heaviest loads
  • Excellent range of products to meet all loading/unloading needs
  • They are powerful while having a longer reach
  • Speed and precision is key
  • Industry experts at your beck-and-call
  • We stay up-to-date on our research to get you the latest and best cranes

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